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We build software for startups.

{float64.dev} is a Toronto-based development firm with decades of experience building large-scale software systems.

Our team has designed and delivered high-quality cutting edge software to companies of all sizes, from seed-stage startups to tech mega-corps.

We move fast and get stuff done.
Our unique process of management, measurement, and execution allow us to break through the most complex business, technical, and organizational challenges afflicting companies of all stages.
Modern, responsive, and reliable web applications and platforms.
  • Robust mission-critical applications for high-traffic services.
  • Prototypes, experiments, and MVPs for startups.
  • Small tightly scoped features for all kinds of applications.
  • UX and UI flows, designs, and implementations.
Broad expertise across a variety of domains.
Our team has built solutions across diverse industries, including Telecom, FinTech, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Blockchains.
Cloud architecture and design.
  • Migrations from on-prem software to Cloud stacks, resulting in huge cost savings.
  • Multi-cloud and Hybrid-cloud architectures to de-risk your organization.
  • Running large data migrations, and building customized data lakes.
  • Infrastructure for Big Data pipelines, such as, Data Mining and Machine Learning.
Click below for a free 30 minute consultation session, or send us an email at info@float64.dev.
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